Meet, Play, Compete

Are you a Nintendo fan? Do you like playing competitive video games? Looking for more people to play with in person? Then come join us! Meet and play with other players at regularly scheduled events at various venues in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Whether you just play for fun, or are a hardcore pro, you'll find something to enjoy at our events. To get started:

  • Take a look at the games featured at Switch Versus events on the Games page.
  • Find which event location is closest to you on the Locations page.
  • Check out the dates for upcoming events on the Calendar.
  • Ready to stay in touch in between events, or just want to learn more? Check out our social media channels at the bottom of the page, and join our Discord sever to stay connected!


Event attendees are required to bring the following equipment, which is kept with them throughout the event:

  • A Nintendo Switch console
  • A copy of each game they intend to play
  • Any compatible controllers they'll be using (A Pro Controller with its USB cable is recommended)
  • [Recommended] A headset (Do not plug headsets or headphones with an active microphone or noise cancelers directly into the Nintendo Switch while in LAN mode)

We also ask that event attendees bring the following additional equipment for the gaming setups*:

  • A complete Nintendo Switch Dock set (Dock, AC Adapter, HDMI cable)
  • A Nintendo Switch compatible LAN adapter (One can be purchased here)
  • An Ethernet cable, at least 6ft long

This equipment should be labeled with the attendee’s name, since it remains at a TV/monitor for the duration of the event. We ask attendees who bring additional equipment and anticipate leaving early to please let the event organizer(s) know in advance.

Bringing additional equipment isn’t required, however, the events depend on this donated equipment to provide enough complete gaming setups for everyone. Those who don’t bring additional equipment may be unable to participate in the event.

If there are not enough setups available for everyone, attendees may be able to play Nintendo Switch games in handheld or tabletop mode with other people. This possibility isn’t guaranteed and varies from event to event.

*This additional equipment is not needed at our events at The Laboratory in Philadelphia, PA. Ethernet cables are not required at The Forge in Richmond, VA.